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Monday, May 2, 2011

Fairy Tail Chapter One

"Fairy Tail"

Lucy arrived at Hargeon town. She met a man claiming he is Salamander, one of the famous member of the fairy tail guild, a guild that she wants to join. He uses a charm to the people on the street including Lucy. The magic he uses is a charm that attract people's heart to the caster, she was one of them but thankfully Natsu along with his cat Happy ran into her, thus, the charm on her wore off.

Natsu thought that the Salamander they are talking about is Igneel, his Foster parent that he has lost 7years ago. When he saw the one claiming He is Salamander he walk off (Igneel is a dragon! haha. so when he saw that the one claiming Salamander is human he walk away disappointed that he is not his foster parent) but he was pulled and dragged back by the women and made to apologised for being rude to Salamander. Salamander gave him an autograph which he does not want.

Lucy paid for Natsu and Happy's food as a thank you for saving her. Natsu tried to give Salamander's autograph to Lucy which she declines. Natsu said what he did back then is not that great for treating them with the food.

Salamander invited Lucy to go to his ship and told her that he knows she is a Mage. She is not impress that he is Salamander, and what he did to her and the rest of the people on the street is unforgivable. Casting that charm is forbidden. Salamader asked her to keep it a secret, in exchange he will let her join fairy tail. Since she is determined to join the guild, she accepted.

It turn out that Salamander bring people to the ship to sell them off as slave. Lucy was rescued by Natsu and was revealed that he is the real Salamander when he uses his fire dragon slayer magic, a magic that is rare and ancient that he learned from Igneel

Natsu invited Lucy to go with him and join Fairy Tail Guild and she accepted

**from the time that the fake Salamader appeared I thought that he must be a villain (with his looks  and the way he uses that charm).
**left me hanging to read more
**I'm officially hooked now! I'll keep on reading FT :)
**all scanlated pics are taken from unixmanga :)

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