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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fairy Tail Chapter Two

"The Master Appears"

Lucy who aims to be a full pledge Mage, met Natsu, a mage that has the ability to punch fire, eat fire and control dragon slayer. Lucy was asked by Natsu if she wants to go with him and join his guild, the Fairy Tail Guild. Lucy accepts, she wants to join the famous Fairy Tail Guild but what she doesn't know is that it is a guild that hooligans gather!

Natsu entered the guild with Lucy. The members told him that they have already read about the harujion incident, him destroying half the port of the town (he overdid it again!). Natsu punch one of the members, he was the one who gave Natsu the information that Salamander is in that town, thus, Natsu thought it might be his foster parent but it was just a fake person impersonating Salamander (we now know that Salamader is Natsu).

It started a brawl all over the guild, with Natsu back, the Guild's store might be torn apart too!

Gray came out, half naked with only his shorts and challenge Natsu to continue their fight last time. Kana, a woman mage was lugging a big barrel-full of wine, told gray that he's running around half-naked again. Gray was surprised that he's on that state. Cana, holding the barrel told shouted at Natsu that he fight with her instead.

Elfman, shouted at them that they should quit yapping, they should fight with their fist! He was booted out by both Natsu and Gray.

Loki, came out. Lucy read on the top weekly sorcerer that he is a mage that you want as your boyfriend, but he decided to join the fight and that made his image on her fall down.

Lucy is wondering on what kind of guild is this. Everybody's not normal. Mira-jane noticed Lucy and greeted her. Lucy having read all about her on lots of mage magazine and was star-struck at first, she asked her why is she not stopping the fight? Mirajane told her that they fight all the time so there's nothing to worry about. A bottle hit Mira-jane on the head and blood spurted out of it, but she only just smile at Lucy and told her that this is fun.

Natsu pulled down Gray's short (infront of Lucy! hahaha). Gray is now naked. Lucy was so surprised (she is covering half her eyes and the other is peeking and seeing all Gray's glory and shouting at him that he should not face on that way, which would make her see all of his naked form.

Gray began to apologise but Lucy punches him and Loki carried her and said that people with no elegance are so troublesome.

Elman shouted that men should fight with their fist and Natsu punches him and told him to get out of his way.

Kana said that she had enough and they should end it, all agreed: she's holding a tarot card, Gray's holding his hand with ice coming out, Elfman's right arm began to transform, Loki's ring began to glow and Natsu's hand is on fire and a gigantic figure came out and told them to stop!

Lucy is scared of the giant. Mirajane asked if the master was here all along. All stop the brawl. Natsu is grinning. He told the people that since all of them got scared then this round is his win. The master step on him. Lucy shouted by what she's seeing and made the Master look in her direction.

He noticed that she is a newcomer, got near her and began to shrink! He is Makarov and he's a small geezer (his height would only be reaching her knee), He flew to the top floor and berate his members, they've done it again. He received another document from the council (council is the organization that manages Guilds)again.

These are the complaints/report from the council:
Gray succeeded on sweeping out the smuggling organization, but walked around town naked and steal an underwear being dried out (Gray mumbled it would have been worst if he was naked. Elfman told Gray that he shouldn't have been naked in the first place!)

Elfman, has the job to escort a VIP but assaulted him instead (Elfman told them that the VIP said that to men it's all about education, and for him it's all about fist so he punches him)

Kana Alberona, drinking 15 barrels of alcohol and charging it to the council.

Loki, flirting with council elder member Reiji's granddaughter and a certain talent agency is charging them for compensation.

Natsu, Destroyed Devon Thief Family and 7 other houses that belongs to the townspeople, damaging parts of Lupinus Castle, Nazuna ravine Observatory Tower collapsed and thus stopped the operation, destroying half of the Harujion's port (wow, that's a long list Natsu!)

---on Lucy's point of view, whatshe read on the magazine, the rowdy mage that wreck havok is none other than Natsu. It was all over the newspaper on what happend with the Devon Thief Family.

the council members are angry at Makarov..but he told the Guild that ...forget about them and burn the papers/documents and told them that the power to overcome reasoning is born from reasoning. Magic is not a miracle, when the spirit flow within us and the spirit flow in nature connects, they will form an embodiment for the first time, and will need a lot of concentration for that. Pouring all of your soul into whatever yoo do is magic.

If you keep on worrying about the watchful eyes of the higher-ups, your magic won't improve. Don't fear the fools of the council, do whatever you think is right, that's the way of the Fairy Tail Mages.

Everyone cheered on the speech of the Master.

Someone remarked that in some town Natsu is known as Salamander, after hearing that, Happy wants to be called the catmander!

Lucy got her mark/tattoo of the fairy tail's guild into the back of her right hand. She told Natsu that now she also bears the same mark that he had. Natsu called her Luigi and congratulate her, this made Lucy mad and told him that it's LUCY!

Some members asked Natsu where he found such a cutey and hoped that she would join their team, Natsu got up and said he's got to find work because he does not have money. He went to the board and tried to find a job. He found one that needs to exterminate thieves with a reward of 160,000 jewels.

Romeo, son of Macau, asked Makarov if his father's back? Makarov told him to be a good boy and wait for his dad home. His dad is a Mage and he should trust him. Romeo, told the master that it's been a week alraedy and he promised to be back in 3days. His dad's mission is at the mountain hakobe, and it's not that far, he begged the master to go look for him. Makarov decline and told him that Macau is a Mage and Fairy Tail's Mages can take care of themselves, he should go home and drink his milk or something.Romeo called the master an idiot and punched him and ran away.

Lucy asked Mira-jane if it's the Master is that strict? Mira-jane answered that the master is also worried on what's happening with Macau.

Natsu put back the notice/job back into the bulletin board and walks away.

A member told the Master that Natsu might do something bad.
Another commented that he might help Macau.
The master told them, while smoking his pipe, that if he does help Macau, that will hurt only his pride, but no one can decide what he should do, so leave him alone.

Lucy's wondering on what happened to him all of a sudded. Mira-jane told her that the same thing happened with Natsu, and maybe he saw himself in Romeo. Natsu's father hasn't come back ever since he left. Though by father, she meant foster father and he's a dragon. Lucy can't believe that a real dragon raised Natsu. Mira-jane told Lucy that the dragon found Natsu in a forest when he was little. He learned words, cultures and magic from that dragon. But one day, the dragon disappeared from Natsu, and now Natsu is looking for taht Dragon, Igneel. The Mages of Fairy Tail are all carrying something, wounds, pain, suffering, and herself as well is like that.

Natsu patted Romeo's head while and made him stop crying.

Lucy, Happy and Natsu is on a their way to lend a hand to Macau. Natsu, who gets sick easily on any type of transportation is plastered all over the chair he's sitting on. Happy and Natsu asked her what is she doing there, she asked them if that's bothering them and both answered yes.

Lucy Told them that it's her chance of lending a hand to Fairy Tail, while happy was thinking that it's to raise her reputation to the other members of the Guild.

Lucy said tha after they find Macau-san she will find a place that she can stay, Happy said that she can stay with them (him and Natsu), Lucy told the cat that she will pull his whiskers if he is serious.

Natsu feels better now. They carriage they are on stopped. The driver said that he can't go any further. On top of the mountain, theres a snowstorm, and it's summertime! The carriage driver's going back to the town, Lucy shouted at him on how can they go back if he's not there.

Lucy, called from the snowstorm called out one of her spirit, horologium, she opened the door of the clock, out came Horologium (Natsu's shocked with this. He came out of nowhere). Lucy got inside the clock and said that she will stay there.

Lucy asked (through horologium--since she is inside the clock Natsu can't hear her so the clock relies all what she is saying) Natsu what is the job of Macau?

Natsu answered that the job of macau is to subdue the brutal monster Balkan, did she went there without knowing what's the job they are doing?

Lucy, wants to go home and Natsu said that's fine with him, she should go home.

Natsu's shouting for Macau, if he's there or is he done by Balkan?

Out came Balkan, a big Monkey, he punches Natsu then saw Lucy inside the Grandfather's clock and carried her away, apparently Balkan loves women and hated men.

Lucy's shouting at Natsu to save her!

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