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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fairy Tail

Written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima, the Fairy Tail Manga is about the adventures of Lucy Heartfilia and her friends in The Fairy Tail Guild. As of April 29, 2011 the series is still ongoing.

Lucy Heartfillia, a 17 year old celestial spirit mage, runs away from home to the land of Fiore to join the magical Fairy Tail Guild. She met Natsu Dragneel along the way and Happy,his cat and friend. Natsu, a teenage boy is looking for his foster Parent, a dragon named Igneel. After their meeting Bora the Prominence, who was posing as salamader of Fairy Tail, abducted Lucy to sold her as a slave. Natsu heard some people on the street talking that Salamander of Fairy Tail was on that ship. Natsu went to the ship and rescues Lucy. He revealed that he's the real Salamander of Fairy Tail and he's a Fire Dragon Slayer, a lost and a rare ancient magic. He offers her membership into the guild. She accepts gladly. Lucy, Natsu and Happy become a team to various missions offered by the Fairy Tail Guild. Sometimes they are accompanied by Erza Scarlet (an armored Maiden), Gray Fullbuster (an ice wizard who has the strange habit of removing his clothes.

**Been hooked reading after reading the first chapter 

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